First Day in Utah!!! ... July 6, 2012

We are soooo excited to be in Utah for 5 1/2 weeks this summer!!  We haven't been here in 7 years, since Kym and Mark's wedding.  We started out our stay at my Uncle Robert and Aunt Susan's house in Bountiful.  This was so fun for me because I used to spend summers at their house and loved getting to know my cousins.... all NINE of them!  One of my favorite spots in Bountiful is the Rainbow Snow snow cones in the Dicks parking lot, just down from Robert and Susan's house.  My cousins and I used to collect our pocket change money and walk down there.  I always used to get the french vanilla or the pina colada.  I couldn't wait to go there with my kids, so our first stop was Rainbow Snow!!!  They quickly became fans while a million memories came flooding back to me!  Our second stop was Costco, which was amazing!!!  Unfortunately Ryan and Sophie's enthusiasm for our favorite store wore out before we were done, and they made themselves as comfortable as they could in the cart.  We put them to bed as soon as we got back, and they were up at 2 AM... dang jet lag!  After some melatonin they were asleep again by 3 AM... and slept til noon the next day!!!  It only took a couple of days for us all to adjust to the time zone change.  We were all very happy to be in Utah.

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