Ryan's Last Few Days of Peacocks ... June 27, 2012

Ryan had a fabulous first year of school in the Peacocks class at Dulwich.  He wasn't exactly thrilled about going initially, but he warmed up after a couple of weeks.  The class was full day, but I picked him up at 12:30 every day.  After a while he started going for a full day on Fridays.  He's not a super social kid, but Miss Megan thought he was progressing well and she said he was always so well behaved and good mannered.

At an end of the year class party.

Singing his little heart out!

Receiving his certificate of completion.

At a play day with a bubble theme... the children got to run all over rolls and rolls of bubble wrap!

With a very sad Miss Megan, who was about to return home to start a new job in Australia.  She was such a good fit for Ryan this year.  

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